Value creation for tomorrow’s world.

Responsible. Innovative. Fair.

Professional purchasing means more than just buying cheap. Because if you buy cheap, you end up buying twice. Our goal is nothing less than putting your company at the head of the pack and working with you to improve the world through value creation. We are here to help you achieve truly measurable success in supply chain management and purchasing. Our experts and our global network will help you to increase your turnover, cut costs and minimize risk—in a way that is both sustainable and future-proof.


as a driver of innovation


We offer our customers far more than just an optimized value chain

Everything from a single source: As specialists, we develop customized supply chain and purchasing solutions for you. Our experience lets us provide the support you need to successfully anchor the changes in your company over the long term.


We identify potential savings and liquidity within the supply chain and ensure that purchasing is done effectively.

  • Purchasing processes
  • Competition
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

Unstable supply chains hamper production and put orders and contracts at risk. We reduce the risk of lost clients or damage to your company’s image.

  • Security of supply
  • Minimizing risk (insolvencies, natural catastrophes, strikes)
  • Prevention (e.g. preparing for new legislation)

For innovative companies, sustainability is not just a matter of image. Sustainability means using resources in a way that is effective and future-proof.

  • Value chain optimization
  • Stable supply of resources

Innovations can be strategically accelerated. We create the space you need to innovate and find opportunities within the purchasing process.

  • Flexible supply chain options
  • Collaborative development
  • Expertise & inspiration from our network

When it comes to procurement, quality is also a cost factor. Better quality leads to a more effective production process and greater value creation.

  • Clear quality targets
  • Less waste
  • Reduce sources of error
  • Improvements to components

Purchasing is often seen as a power struggle. But when it is viewed as a collaborative process within a company, it can lead to a more positive employee outlook and increased output.

  • Less rivalry
  • More effective processes
  • Better-performing employees

We support you from start to finish

Whatever you need: Thanks to our tried and tested concepts and tailor-made solutions, we have everything you need to achieve your goals. No less, but sometimes more than you would expect (» to our Best Practices).


Every targeted, strategic development needs to start somewhere. Our Sourcing package is your risk-free starting point on the road to achieving big goals.

  • Supplier analysis
  • Complete handling

Both the market and customer requirements are changing—constantly, and at an ever-faster tempo. We don’t just show you how to keep pace; we help you lead the pack.

  • Is purchasing to blame?
  • Professionalizing purchasing

Do you have a vision and know where it leads? We will work with you to define your goals and set the wheels in motion to reach them—step by step. For clearly measurable results.

  • Executive coaching
  • Purpose-driven transformation
  • Purchasing as a driver of innovation
Ihr Weg zum Ziel

Von der Analyse bis zum Umsetzen und Optimieren:
Strategisch und praktisch an Ihrer Seite.

Sie wollen neue Lieferanten finden, Ihren Einkauf optimieren oder neue Geschäftsfelder eröffnen? Wir finden Wege und gehen diese mit Ihnen bis zum Erreichen Ihrer Ziele. 

Egal ob Sie strategische Unternehmensziele verfolgen, das Lieferkettengesetz umsetzen oder auf Naturkatastrophen reagieren müssen – der erste Schritt ist der Kontakt zu uns. 

  • Analysieren: Wir definieren Ziele, zerlegen Problemstellungen und skizzieren Lösungswege.
  • Umsetzen: Wir entwickeln Konzepte, mobilisieren die erforderlichen Kräfte und koordinieren den Change.
  • Optimieren: Wir evaluieren das Umgesetzte, passen Schritte an und arbeiten weiter bis zum Erreichen Ihres Ziels.
Value creation for tomorrow’s world.
Why us

Because we care.
Sustainable solutions that work for you.

Purpose & a social conscience. Having a positive and purposeful outlook has been proven to make companies more successful. Achieving a balance between people, planet, and the company’s offer can make a decisive difference.

We believe that business KPIs go hand in hand with social and environmental considerations. And so we provide forward-looking concepts and future-proof products.

Become part of the solution to achieve a safer, more worthwhile future.

The SDGs are concrete priorities that are demanded of people and leaders everywhere. We have directly adopted 5 of these goals in our company philosophy.

We create change:
Purpose + People = Value Creation²

A clear mission is the deciding factor between average and successful companies. Together, we facilitate change and the right motivation for your employees.

We are not the kind of company that delivers slick presentations and then makes you reliant on our expertise. Instead, we provide workshops, training, and coaching sessions to help you develop your own expertise and innovative changes over the long term.

Expert knowledge, motivation and proper support during implementation ensure the momentum you need to get to the top.

90% of employees in purpose-driven companies say that they are committed. Compared to just 32% in conventional companies. (Source: Korn Ferry & Gallup)

89% of management staff say that companies that lead with a purpose have a competitive advantage in today´s marketplace.
(Source: Porter Novelli Study 09/2020)

Our network.
Your leverage for big goals.

Our expertise and global network give you the leverage that is usually only reserved for the big corporations.

No matter whether you’re sourcing locally or globally, finding the right supplier is getting more and more difficult—and is often plagued by a lack of power in the market. Working with us will give even your small production runs a big boost in value creation.

We are also happy to support you in warehouse organization, process optimization or in the complete handling of your sourcing processes.

Savings on large production runs
Savings on small production runs

Responsible. Innovative. Fair.

Peter Drucker

Unser Netzwerk ist Ihr Netzwerk

Wir liefern Ihnen mit unserem weltweiten Partnernetz maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Ihre Unternehmensziele und erfolgskritischen Projekte.

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