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Do you feel like more is possible? Do you want to buy in a more sustainable way, but are unsure how to go about it? We will help you pick your ideal suppliers.

Duration: As required


  • CFOs
  • Heads of purchasing
  • Heads of logistics/SCM


  • Optimize specifications
  • Find alternative/new suppliers
  • International footprint


  • Optimize costs
  • Security of supply
  • Increased quality
Do you lack capacity, or would you like to see what is possible? We procure the best quality, at the best prices, on time. And we can also take care of warehouse organization or process optimization. Duration: As required Participants:
  • Owners, CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Heads of purchasing
  • Heads of logistics/SCMs
  • Minimizing risk
  • Optimizing purchasing and logistics
  • International footprint
  • Best possible results
  • Everything from a single source
  • Maximum output without needing to utilize your own resources

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


Long-term success occurs when environmental, social, and economic factors meet.

Who do you work for? Do you work for people or for the next quarterly report? Managers from successful companies are asking this question more and more often. Slowly but surely, a mindset shift is taking place. What is often overlooked: Focusing on a company’s why is not a barrier to growth. The why is the foundation of lasting success.

As a company, you want to generate a profit. But that is not the sole reason your company exists. It is simply a requirement for stable growth. The true purpose of your company? You build, design, and create things for people.

Combine economics with the environment and with the human factor. Cement your foundations for the future.

Our sourcing shows you how to bring everything together.

Best Practices: Sourcing

Hard facts and genuine successes:
Costs, quality, delivery, sustainability & more

1# Qualifying two welded assemblies for the construction of trailers for commercial vehicles

A customer from the commercial vehicle sector came to us and asked for a quote for a complex welded assembly for the construction of a trailer

Within two weeks, we had provided the customer with a comprehensive quote in conjunction with our production partner in India. This quote included complete handling, including temporary storage in our warehouse …

in Altenberge and just-in-time delivery to their production site. The Exxcility price was €619.71. The customer’s current price, which only covered the individual components, was over €800. After investigating all the various processes in more detail, we were able to provide a new offer. This proposal included supplying the individual components from India, with production (i.e. welding/coating) being completed here in Germany. This allowed us to save an additional €100 per unit. The positive outcome led to the customer commissioning our services for a similar welded assembly for the rear section of the vehicle. As with the first project, the individual price per component was €800. By incorporating this product into our production process in India, we were able to secure a price of €470. Only 200 of these two components are required each year. Despite this, the fantastic potential for savings that we were able to secure for our customer meant that we could achieve an annual saving of €122,000 for our customer. We undergo regular inspections to ensure quality. And by optimizing the coating, we have actually been able to improve the quality of the product for our customer improving UV resistance.

2# Qualifying welded assemblies and sheet metal parts for a new generation of chassis

In March, another customer from the commercial vehicle sector inquired about various welded assemblies and sheet metal parts for their new generation of chassis. The components were to be sourced internationally and are needed for the start of series production in the first quarter of 2022.

We were quickly able to issue a comprehensive quote to the customer in conjunction with our partner production site in India and further partners from India and China. The quote included complete handling, including temporary storage in our warehouse

in Altenberge and just-in-time delivery to their production sites. The price quoted by Exxcility was 15% less than the direct quote that the customer had received. As a result, we were commissioned to order the initial samples. They are currently in production and will soon be delivered to the customer. Before we show them to the customer, we will be carrying out appropriate quality assurance and will compile the initial sampling documentation and test reports in line with the customer’s specifications.

Our work for this customer does not just allow them to produce their new generation of chassis at the best price right from the start of production. We also allow the customer to benefit from participating in the international purchasing market, as well as reducing their own risk in the supply chain. This, in turn, puts them in a better negotiating position with their current suppliers.

3# Developing new drawings based on a sample

A customer came to us with a problem: one of the forged components that they were using—a valve disk—no longer seemed to correspond with the drawing. The drawing dated back to 1992 and hadn’t been updated since. The quantities of this product have increased massively in recent years, however, and were being sourced from just one supplier. The customer wanted to secure a second supplier to safeguard the supply chain.

Following a 3D scan and material inspections on several samples (spectral analysis and the Brinell hardness test), we produced an up-to-date drawing document for the customer…

This was then verified by the development department and resulted in a brand-new drawing and up-to-date specifications.

We used this as a basis for our pricing and it led to a saving of €2.35 per component based on full costing. Once the samples had been produced, the components were then approved for use in the customer’s R&D department. The valve disks are manufactured at our partner site in China, with regular quality assurance and inspections carried out by our on-site SQE. We are currently supplying the customer with 5,000 valve disks per month and are thus offering an annual saving of €141,000.


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